264 South Pine St. Burlington, WI 53105

Just a reminder that with any EXTENDED (more than one day)  house tournament, T&C has up to thirty (30) days to review, compile, and distribute prize checks to winners.
The 30 days starts upon the completion of the final squad for affected tournaments. All winners will receive their winnings by US Mail; therefore, it is important that we have your CORRECT ADDRESS on file. Please verify this with the tournament office prior to bowling!

Join us for our annual Senior Scratch Doubles Tournament.

When: Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at 12 Noon Sharp, with check-in from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM.. To run the tournament on time, we ask all participants to be here no later than 11:30 AM

This tournament is USBC Sanctioned.

Cost: $70 per person/$140 per team. Entry fee breakdown is $50 to prize fund & $20 towards lineage/tournament expence, with any balances going towards prize fund.

Side pots, Doubles & Singles brackets will be available.

Details: Teams can be two men, two women or mixed, WITH each bowler being at least 50 years of age as of 2/23/19. Average cap is 450 combined using your highest book average from 2017-18 with a minimum of 21 games (Summer league averages are excluded).
If current season's average is 10 pins or more higher as of February 9th, 2019, you must use that average. If no average for 2017-18 season, use current season highest average with at least 21 games. Anyone without an average will use 225. Anyone who has a sport or challenge league average (sanctioned as such or not) will use an adjusted average according to the USBC guideline.

 You will draw for lane assignments at check-in. Qualifying will consist of 4 games, moving after each game. We'll cut to the Top 12 teams and bowl 2 more games in match play format. From there, the top 4 teams will bowl step-ladder for the championship. (Cut is based on number of entries).
$600.00 1st Place Prize based on full field of 36 teams. 1 out of 3 teams will cash.
Prize fund and team cut may increase/decrease based on the number of entries. For example, if we receive 32-36 teams, we will cut to the Top 12 teams for 2nd round match play. 28-31 teams and we will cut to the Top 10. 24-27 teams, cut to Top 8 and then stepladder will be top 3 teams.

To register: Contact Theresa at 262-763-7333 to reserve. Bring in (or mail) a completed entry blank (available here).

Caution: Clicking "attending" on the Facebook Event Page DOES NOT GUARANTEE a spot. The ONLY way to guarantee a spot is to contact Theresa directly/submitting a completed entry blank.

Info on these two tournaments will be coming in early Spring, 2019