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Tournament Information 43 years under the same family ownership

Family Twosome Junior/Adult Tournament
Come join us on Sunday, October 26th for two squads of bowling: 10 AM and 1 PM. Cost to bowl will be $10 per person ($20 per twosome). It will be a handicapped event & averages from last season will be used for everyone. If someone does not have an average from last season, this season's current average (as of Oct. 25th) will be used.

You can bowl each shift with a different partner if you wish. For example, if Mom & child #1 team up and Dad & child #2 team up on first shift, then Mom can bowl with child #2 and Dad bowl with child #1 on second shift.

Handicapping is 90% of 220. There will be two divisions:
Kids that bowl High School/Majors/Juniors will bowl in Division 1.
Kids that bowl Preps/Bantams/Bumpers will bowl in Division 2.

T&C Lanes will be holding our OWN Family Twosome tournament this year. It will be a one-day event, with no additional tournaments to move on to. These are the reasons why:

1. The Ultimate Family Bowling Experience, as we know it, no longer exists & what the tournament is being replaced with does not hold our bowlers' best interests in hand. The new UFBE tournament does not allow for our youth bowlers who may be 18 or older to bowl. The UFBE is also requiring ALL participants to be USBC sanctioned. (We know that many of our youth bowlers' parents bowl, but not necessarily all of them bowl in sanctioned leagues. This fact would limit potential entries.)

2. We want this event, as in years past, to be about the parents, grandparents, older siblings, aunts & uncles, & the kids who are bowling to enjoy the bowling experience together and to have FUN!

Entry blanks and more information can be obtained from any Youth Coach or at T&C. You can also download and print an entry blank here (new window, PDF file).

4th Annual Two-Day Scratch Tournament
presented by the SLBA. & Lynch
This is a USBC Sanctioned Tournament open to Men & Women. It consists of two (2) 6-game blocks of qualifying.

All bowling will be held at T&C.

Check-in will be on Saturday, November 1st from 11AM-11:45am. The first 6 games will start at 12 Noon SHARP. There will be a 30 minute break and the second block will start at approximately 4pm.
The lanes will be re-conditioned for the second block during the break.

Bowlers will bowl one game on each pair, moving one pair to the right after each game. Bowlers will draw for their lane assignment at check-in.

Bowlers will start two pairs to the right of their initial starting pair for the second block. For example, if you start on 1&2 for the 1st set, you'll start on 5&6 for the 2nd set.

After the 12 game qualifier is complete, the top 12 bowlers will return Sunday, November 2nd (the next morning) at 10am for 12 games of Round Robin Match Play. 30 bonus points will be awarded for a win. 15 points for a tie.

We will take a maximum 36 bowlers. Prize fund is based on 36 bowlers. Entry fee is $100.00 per person. $64.00 goes to the prize fund, $36.00 is expense/lineage fund.
Total prize fund is $3,575.00 (the balance of the prize fund comes from sponsors.)
Brackets will be available during Saturday's qualifying. If we receive less than 36 bowlers, we will cut to the top 10.

For an entry blank click here (new window, PDF file).

Entries are to be sent and paid to Towne & Country Lanes. 
All USBC Rules will govern this tournament. USBC Rule #400 - Youth Bowlers will be allowed providing they have reached the age of 18 years on or before August 1st, 2014. Any prize money awarded to a youth bowler will be in the form of scholarship money. No actual cash prize will be awarded.

2014-2015 Towne & Country Lanes All-Star Bowling Tournament
serving Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois
Produced by WIN Media and presented by Miller Lite

Entry Blanks: Download page one (entry) | page two (squad times and rules)
   (new window, PDF file on each download)

This year's particulars:

  • Qualifying will be November 22, 2014 through January 4, 2015
  • Qualifying (as in years past) will be six games across twelve lanes
  • Cost is $90 per bowler. You can bowl once per eligible event  (Regular, Women's, and Seniors [age 50 or better])
  • For 2015, bowlers that make the second round will bowl TV matches they may qualify for, on the same weekend (which is January 10th & 11th, 2015)
  • We will be hosting a "Women's Only" squad on Saturday, November 22nd at 2 PM
  • Any squad sponsor who brings in a full squad of 24 bowlers (in any division) will receive a paid entry.
  • Prize list: Regular Division - $1500 First Place (based on 200 entries); Senior Division - $500 First Place (based on 50 entries); Womens Division - $500 First Place (based on 50 entries). ALL divisions: Prize ratio is 1 out of 5 bowlers cashing
All USBC rules apply. This event is USBC Sanctioned. Rule #400 pertaining to Youth Bowler participation will apply. Bowlers must declare the division for which they are bowling prior to the start of the squad.

Second Round Details
  • The Top 12 Seniors and Top 12 Women will be brought back for the second round on Saturday, January 10th at 10AM. In the event that we receive less than 30 entries in the Womens division, there will not be a second round & the top four women will automatically make the TV show (taping on January 10th at 11AM, with the Seniors division to follow, after their own second round). If both Seniors & Womens divisions bowl second rounds, the TV tapings will immediately follow second round, with Ladies bowling first.
  • The Top 36 Regular Division bowlers will return on Saturday, January 10th at 2PM for their second round. The top 16 in that division will make the TV tapings (based on 200 entries), which will be held on Sunday, January 11th (times starting at 9AM). If there are less than 200 entries, only the top EIGHT Regular Division bowlers will return for the TV show tapings. (In the event of the latter, prize money will be paid for places 9-16 based on the Second Round standings.


Ongoing Tournaments

All-Star Tournament Qualifying: Fall
T&C 9-Pin Handicap Tournament - Spring
Annual T&C Handicap Team Tournament - Spring
One Day Tournaments

"Over 90" Scratch Doubles - Early Fall
Scratch Match Play 2-Day Tourney - Early Fall
Annual Turkey Shoot - Thanksgiving Morning
Holiday Scratch Doubles - December
Family Twosome - October (2014)
Mixed Scratch Doubles - February
Senior Scratch Doubles - February

Having trouble viewing the entry blanks?
We recommend you download the latest version of Adobe Reader (which will also allow you to print your entry blank at your leisure).
Click here to do so (new window).

Towne & Country Lanes
264 S. Pine St., Burlington, WI 53105
Phone: (262) 763-7333 / Fax: (262) 763-3231

Email: info@towneandcountrylanes.com

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