264 South Pine St. Burlington, WI 53105

Mixed Scratch Doubles Tournament

When: Saturday, January 14th at 12 Noon Sharp
(please note this is a date change from previous seasons due to our State Seniors Tournament Commitment)
Check-in 11:00 to 11:45. Please arrive early as lanes will be drawn for.
USBC Sanctioned

Cost: $60 per person/$120 per team of two
Entry Blank and fees due no later than January 7th, 2017

Teams shall consist of one man & one woman.
In all cases, the maximum combined average shall not exceed 450.

Highest book average for 2015-2016 season, minimum 21 games, shall be used.
Ten Pin Rule in place and bowlers shall use current season average (21 games minimum) if 10 or more over last season.
Anyone without an average shall use 225.
Anyone with a "Sport" or Challenge" League average shall use an adjusted Sport average.


Qualifying round: four games, moving to right after each game & skipping one pair.
(With 24 or less teams, move to the right without skipping a pair)
Four game total advances Top 12 to Match Play.

Round Two: bowl two games in Match Play format, previous pinfall carried over, with bonus pins awarded.
(Bowl one game, totals calculated, seeds adjusted, lanes reassigned, and bowl second game.)

Championship Round: Top four teams bowl stepladder final.
Pinfall does NOT carry over from this point. Higher seeded teams draw for lane assignment prior to the start of each of the first two matches in finals.

Brackets & Side Pots available during the first round of qualifying.

Download and print an entry blank here
(We updated the entry blank to correct a misprint. If you get an error message when clicking on link, be sure to press RELOAD)

First Place is $600.00 based on a full field of 32 teams.
Less than 32 teams, prize list if pro-rated. Please see entry blank for additional pro-rations for size of field, if necessary. Ratio of prizes is 1 out of 3.

All USBC rules apply

Note: Dates for all tournaments are subject to change. Sign-ups for each event will occur once the date gets closer.

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