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Just a reminder that with any extended house tournament, T&C has up to thirty (30) days to review, compile, and distribute prize checks to winners.
The 30 days starts upon the completion of the final squad for affected tournaments. All winners will receive their winnings by US Mail; therefore, it is important that we have your CORRECT ADDRESS on file. Please verify this with the tournament office prior to bowling!

For the Team Optionals, unofficial low-to-pay will be the last score showing.

Links below indicate UNOFFICIAL FINAL standings for the 2018 Tournaments. PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE if you do not see up-to-date standings.

9-Pin Tournament
UNOFFICIAL Low-to-pay was Position 18, 832
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Team Tournament
UNOFFICIAL Low-to-pay was Position 55, 3367
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Team Optional SIngles-Men
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Team Optional Singles-Women
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Thank you for participating in either (or both) of these tournaments.