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League Information & Standings 43 years under the same family ownership
To view league standings click here.

Stop in and sign-up anytime!

Started  April 20th at 7:00 PM (no bowling on Memorial Day)
This is a great league to keep yourself at the top of your bowling game. Cost is $15 per person, per week and will run 18 weeks (except Memorial Day).

Every few weeks, we will put out a different & challenging oil pattern to bowl on. This league is open to adult and junior bowlers (who are in at least 7th grade). Everyone will get to choose any ball from the Brunswick, DV8, or Radical Bowling Ball companies (Bowl in and pay for all 19 weeks).

Starting May 5th at 7:00 PM
This is a three-person handicap league (also USBC-sanctioned), 10 weeks in length, and costs $17 per person, per week. At the end of the season, the entire league will be whisked to a game (playing Philly on August 16th). Tailgating will be included in the trip.

Bowlers that are NOT in a Youth League program or still in Grade/High School will also receive prize money! (We're not allowed to give youth bowlers prize money as this will disqualify them from participating in any grade or high school activity.)

Starting May 13th at 7:00 PM
This is a two-person league with teams consisting of one junior and one adult bowler per team. League is 10 weeks in length and costs $15 per team ($7.50 per bowler).

League consists of four games per night. Baker-style bowling is when teammates rotate frames and each game is bowled on one lane For example, bowler #1 bowls frames 1-3-5-7-9, and bowler #2 bowls frames 2-4-6-8-10. Games 1&3 are bowled on one lane of a pair, and games 2&4 are bowled on the other lane in the same pair.

Junior bowlers must be at least 6 years of age. Bumpers will NOT be allowed in this league. There will be a pizza and pop party the final week of bowling.

This is the format our middle school, high school, and college teams use. Experience the fun that is Baker bowling!

Don't miss out! Sign-up in person today, or you can also call 262-763-7333 or email info@towneandcountrylanes.com

Long Season Fall & Winter Programs:

Care to bowl but cannot commit to an entire season? Many leagues offer "roving reserves" or expanded team rosters, allowing someone to bowl occasionally. In some cases, your cost is minimal (just pay USBC sanction fee), Give us a call or stop in for details!

ABC League - Mixed League - 2 bowlers per team - 6 teams - 10:00 AM start (Late-starting league)
Monday Night Majors - Mixed League - 5 bowlers per team - 12 Teams - 6:45 PM Start
Monday Adult/Junior - 2 Adults/2 Youth Bowlers (short season) - 6 Teams - 6:00 PM Start (Late-starting league)

Tuesday Mixed League  - 4 bowlers per team - up to 12 teams - 6:30 PM Start
Ladies Social - Womens League - 4 bowlers per team - 6 teams - 6:30 PM Start

Kaffee Klatche - Womens League - 3 bowlers per team - 6 teams - 9:00 AM Start
Tri-B Bowlers - Mens League - 5 bowlers per team - 12 teams - 6:30 PM Start
Slades Corners - Mixed League - 3 bowlers per team - up to 12 teams - 9:15 PM Start
High School League - Youth League - Individual teams up to 36 kids - 3:30 PM Start

Morning Mixed (Adult) - Mixed League - 3 bowlers per team - 12 teams - 10:00 AM Start
Businessmen - Mixed League - 5 bowlers per team - 12 teams - 6:20 PM Start
Powder Puff - Womens League - 3 bowlers per team - 6 teams - 7:00 PM Start
Gooseberries Scratch Classic - Mixed Scratch League - 3 bowlers per team - up to 12 teams - 9:00 PM Start

Jolly Seniors - Mixed League for bowlers aged 50 years young & up - 4 bowlers per team - 12 teams - 1:00 PM Start
Friday Industrial - Mixed League - 4 bowlers per team - 12 teams - 7:00 PM Start
Friday Night Mixed - Adult Couples League - 2 men & 2 women per team - alternate weeks - up to 12 teams - 7:30 PM Start

Saturdays - Youth Leagues
Majors - Youth League - up to 5 bowlers per team - Ages 15-18 - 8:00 AM Start
Juniors - Youth League - up to 5 bowlers per team - Ages 13-16 - 8:00 AM Start
Preps - Youth League - up to 5 bowlers per team - Ages 9-13 - 10:00 AM Start
Bantams - Youth League - up to 5 bowlers per team - Ages 5-10 - 10:00 AM Start
All Saturday Youth Leagues are 9 weeks in length.  T&C runs three sessions per bowling season  - Fall, Winter, & Early Spring

Saturdays - Adult Leagues
Bowling Bunch - Adult Couples League - 2 men & 2 women per team - alternate weeks - 12 teams - 7:00 PM Start
Rockin' Rollers - Adult Couples League - 2 men & 2 women per team - alternate weeks - 12 teams - 7:00 PM Start
A League Of Our Own - Adult Couples League - 2 men & 2 women per team - alternate weeks - 6 teams - 7:00 PM Start

Shorter Season Leagues
Monday Morning ABC League (bowls on pattern replicating the USBC Open Tournament) - starts October 20th
Monday Adult/Junior - starts in Winter (approximately)

Call 763-7333  or e-mail us to register!

Why bowl in a T&C League? Here's a few reasons why!
Reduced open bowling rates practically anytime lanes are available (except Cosmic Cash)
Chance to win a Free Drink and/or a Free Pizza each session
Adult Lg. bowlers get happy hour pricing in our lounge after your session (in the bar only, 9 PM-11 PM)
Sanctioning for leagues available by the USBC
Paper-free recordkeeping (We let the computers do the work, so you can enjoy yourself!)
See your league standings online
Win in the "33-Clean" and "Mystery Score" optional sidepots
Competitive Fun & Exercise, and close to home!

Optional League Sidepots:
"33 Clean": Bowl 33 clean frames and win 1/2 the current jackpot (10th frame must have either a spare/strike or strike/spare combo, OR the first two strikes, in each of your games)
Cost is $1 per bowler, per week (optional)

"Mystery Score Jackpot": Enroll at the counter for $1.
Quite simple... match the mystery score and share in the available pot! If a week has no winners, the pot carries over to the next week

League Standings Online
We've arranged the leagues based on the day of the week they bowl.
Couples leagues will have an (A) indicating alternate weeks. Late-season leagues will be marked by an (L).

Simply click on the league you wish to view, and another window will pop up with your standings. Should you desire an individual bowler's statistics, locate and find that bowler in the league you have open.

WEBMASTER NOTES: Standings are now live from leagues that have bowled through April 25, 2015.
All league standings are FINAL for the 2014-2015 season.. 

Summer Leagues Monday Sport League Tuesday Brewers League Wed. Baker-style AD/JR
Monday: ABC League (L) Majors
Tuesday: Tuesday Mixed Ladies Social
Wednesday: Kaffee Klatche Tri-B Bowlers High School League Slades Corners
Thursday: Frito's Thurs. Morn. Mixed Businessmen Powder Puff Gooseberries Classic
Friday: Nifty-Fifty Plus Friday Industrial Friday Night Mixed (A)
Saturday: Youth Majors Youth Juniors Youth Preps Youth Bantams
Youth Bumpers
Bowling Bunch (A) Rockin' Rollers (A) A League Of Our Own (A)

Towne & Country Lanes
264 S. Pine St., Burlington, WI 53105
Phone: (262) 763-7333 / Fax: (262)763-3231

Email: info@towneandcountrylanes.com

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