Frito's Thursday Morning Mixed

President: Mike Stumpfol
Secretary: Vonda Miller
Week No. 30 of 30  3/27/2014         League Average: 177            

  Match Total Points Total Total          
  Points Points Round 2 Pinfall Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonLostWonLostWeek 15ScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Talmer Bank & Trust3413080695330158797718200276921497
2K&M Auto Sales34104.5105.558.54959258226679193073821648
3Frito's Smoothies3411991585090958895739205478621955
4 Hurry Up and Wait43131.578.557.54961958436701182480621609
5Team 24311496554848258739665192672120812
7Whatever Works2589.5120.549.54099357046577159076521541
8Team 10431061044544542572626241676740203910
9Team 35277.5132.543.54346656510602163974720743
10 Nannemann Masonry2574.5135.535.54648057287652182173120524

Round Winners 1st 2nd 3rd
Round  174Hurry Up and Wait61Frito's Smoothies61Talmer Bank & Trust
Round  269Talmer Bank & Trust58.5K&M Auto Sales58Frito's Smoothies

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game739Frito's Smoothies718Talmer Bank & Trust701Hurry Up and Wait660Frito's Smoothies613Talmer Bank & Trust
W/HCP806Hurry Up and Wait786Frito's Smoothies769Talmer Bank & Trust729Frito's Smoothies715Team 2
Series2054Frito's Smoothies2002Talmer Bank & Trust1930K&M Auto Sales1803Frito's Smoothies1729Talmer Bank & Trust
W/HCP2195Frito's Smoothies2164K&M Auto Sales2160Hurry Up and Wait2010Frito's Smoothies1998Team 2
Game278Theresa Riemer225Kelley Albrecht220Mae Boeger248Theresa Riemer201Jessica Olsen
W/HCP301Theresa Riemer274Kelley Albrecht272Grace E. Droskiewicz264Jessica Olsen259Theresa Riemer
Series688Theresa Riemer572Jessica Olsen563Lorraine Draper615Theresa Riemer543Jessica Olsen
W/HCP764Jessica Olsen739Theresa Riemer722Grace E. Droskiewicz732Jessica Olsen648Theresa Riemer
Game277Lou Terry277Fred G. Sykes270Fred A. Moore236Don Schrack229Norm K. Swanson
W/HCP309Lou Terry307Fred A. Moore302Ronald A. White276Don Schrack251Pete Hanson
Series752Ron Kuchenbecker738Fred G. Sykes723Lou Terry664Don Schrack635Norm K. Swanson
W/HCP806Ron Kuchenbecker785Jack Olson784Don Schrack784Don Schrack683Jim R. Milbrath

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Whatever Works
001Richard Taylor901350715058236550296725
002Richard Nelson33475614463207541274742
044Kelley Albrecht751210516148225557274713
056Trevor Elsbury45678615058201555276744
2 Team 2
031Ronald A. White901545517139257586302712
032Jack Olson691293518725239704266785
051Don Schrack841444617139236664283784
3 Team 3
006Grace E. Droskiewicz821161814166204518272722
035Roger Tess901462716247247561290696
037Geo A Bieneman Sr..841523018130266634302735
4 Nannemann Masonry
008Phil M. Nannemann811412717436233607269724
009Donald F. Boettcher871478716941223570267732
010John Ward Mehring54906416743232606258687
5 Frito's Smoothies
011Mike Stumpfol721280117734233617264710
039Jim R. Milbrath871522817536242648285761
050Fred G. Sykes81168432077277738286765
6 W.W.B'S
014Fred A. Moore781433518328270649307760
015Ron H. Wambach691179517040234613279748
016Pete Hanson871465016842222596263694
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
7 Talmer Bank & Trust
018Ron Kuchenbecker901777119716268752286806
019Al Blum841629619418262664283739
020Norm K. Swanson841693220112268710280749
8 K&M Auto Sales
007Dick Mittelsteadt841600719022252677281750
013Larry Nannemann901691918725245632273730
021Ulrich Adam42717117040234607276733
9 Hurry Up and Wait
028Theresa Riemer871762020211278688301739
029Lorraine Draper901484416445214563262715
030Lou Terry42818619418277723309783
038Jerry A Smetana48833217337248643284751
10 Team 10
027Mae Boeger631045616545220556263681
045Jessica Olsen871269114563207572271764
054Ron Bucky Barker72152012113267711264732
017Mark Moore24338114067180458237659
046Merrill Draper38665417536225640254717

Star Bowler for Game
Jessica Olsen57 pins over average with 201 game
Don Schrack66 pins over average with 236 game
Star Bowler for Series
Jessica Olsen111 pins over average with 543 series
Don Schrack154 pins over average with 664 series

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1248Theresa Riemer615Theresa Riemer264Jessica Olsen732Jessica Olsen
2201Jessica Olsen543Jessica Olsen259Theresa Riemer648Theresa Riemer
3190Kelley Albrecht468Lorraine Draper238Kelley Albrecht612Kelley Albrecht
4189Lorraine Draper468Kelley Albrecht234Lorraine Draper603Lorraine Draper
5148Grace E. Droskiewicz397Grace E. Droskiewicz213Grace E. Droskiewicz592Grace E. Droskiewicz
6131Mae Boeger392Mae Boeger174Mae Boeger521Mae Boeger
1236Don Schrack664Don Schrack276Don Schrack784Don Schrack
2229Norm K. Swanson635Norm K. Swanson251Pete Hanson683Jim R. Milbrath
3225Ron Bucky Barker623Ron Bucky Barker247Geo A Bieneman Sr..682Trevor Elsbury
4219Dick Mittelsteadt602Dick Mittelsteadt244Donald F. Boettcher671Norm K. Swanson
5216Geo A Bieneman Sr..581Ron Kuchenbecker244Jim R. Milbrath668Dick Mittelsteadt
6215Fred A. Moore575Jim R. Milbrath243Fred A. Moore663Geo A Bieneman Sr..
7215Ron Kuchenbecker570Geo A Bieneman Sr..241Dick Mittelsteadt649Pete Hanson
8214Lou Terry568Larry Nannemann241Norm K. Swanson643Larry Nannemann
9209Pete Hanson553Fred A. Moore239Trevor Elsbury639Mark Moore
10208Jim R. Milbrath547Lou Terry232Lou Terry637Fred A. Moore

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1201 - 144 = 57Jessica Olsen543 - 432 = 111Jessica Olsen
2248 - 202 = 46Theresa Riemer615 - 606 = 9Theresa Riemer
3190 - 161 = 29Kelley Albrecht468 - 483 = -15Kelley Albrecht
1236 - 170 = 66Don Schrack664 - 510 = 154Don Schrack
2209 - 168 = 41Pete Hanson505 - 447 = 58Trevor Elsbury
3216 - 180 = 36Geo A Bieneman Sr..575 - 522 = 53Jim R. Milbrath