Wed. Koffee Klatche

President: Pat Schrack
Secretary: Mig Molle
Week No. 3 of 31  9/17/2014         League Average: 138            

  Match Total Points Total Total          
  Points Points Round 1 Pinfall Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonLostWonLostWeek 3ScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Nellies Nuggets5216.54.516.539505381470132862818022
2M&M Minnies251291234185365412115263718133
3The Castaways7 11.59.511.540355340537138267718271
4Pin Ticklers 7219235765223481127765618024

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game537The Castaways481Pin Ticklers470Nellies Nuggets480The Castaways448Nellies Nuggets
W/HCP677The Castaways656Pin Ticklers637M&M Minnies635The Castaways618Pin Ticklers
Series1382The Castaways1328Nellies Nuggets1277Pin Ticklers1362The Castaways1309Nellies Nuggets
W/HCP1827The Castaways1813M&M Minnies1802Nellies Nuggets1827The Castaways1792Nellies Nuggets

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 The Castaways
001Patricia A. Schrack9128814357164460  
002Nancy C. Tenwinkel9141115644181478  
003Mae Boeger9133614852194484  
2 Nellies Nuggets
004Audrey Rosenthal9129514357174457  
005Sue R. Nelson9122813664167444  
006Margaret I. Molle'9142715842182503  
3 M&M Minnies
007Annamarie Foltz992410298142346  
008Linda Schiestle9119913367154408  
009Anita T. Hirt681413565158433  
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
4 Pin Ticklers
010Janet M. Johnson9127314159179453  
012Mary J. Divan9104211585144377  
013Barb A. Hintz9126114060169477  
011Beatrice Kramer        
014Elaine A. Phelps348116040181481  

Star Bowler for Game
Mary J. Divan34 pins over average with 144 game
Star Bowler for Series
Mary J. Divan47 pins over average with 377 series

9/24/2014 9:00 AM3*41*2
10/1/2014 9:00 AM4*23*1

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1181Nancy C. Tenwinkel497Margaret I. Molle'234Mary J. Divan647Mary J. Divan
2181Elaine A. Phelps481Elaine A. Phelps224Nancy C. Tenwinkel646Patricia A. Schrack
3179Margaret I. Molle'466Nancy C. Tenwinkel224Margaret I. Molle'632Margaret I. Molle'
4163Janet M. Johnson460Patricia A. Schrack223Patricia A. Schrack615Audrey Rosenthal
5161Patricia A. Schrack441Audrey Rosenthal221Elaine A. Phelps615Linda Schiestle
6160Audrey Rosenthal436Mae Boeger219Janet M. Johnson601Elaine A. Phelps
7150Mae Boeger408Linda Schiestle218Audrey Rosenthal595Nancy C. Tenwinkel
8144Linda Schiestle404Janet M. Johnson213Linda Schiestle586Mae Boeger
9144Mary J. Divan377Mary J. Divan200Mae Boeger572Janet M. Johnson
10138Sue R. Nelson376Barb A. Hintz198Annamarie Foltz545Sue R. Nelson

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1144 - 110 = 34Mary J. Divan377 - 330 = 47Mary J. Divan
2181 - 157 = 24Nancy C. Tenwinkel460 - 414 = 46Patricia A. Schrack
3179 - 155 = 24Margaret I. Molle'497 - 465 = 32Margaret I. Molle'